• Day out at Blair Drumond Safari Park
  • Fundraising Girls - LOOKS TOUGH!!!
  • Fun @ the Fair Ground
  • Resting after Zumba Dancing!
  • Looking Impressed!
  • Sharing a Laugh!
  • Relaxing in the hydro pool
  • Friendship made meaningful
  • Christmas time
  • Just love all this FUN!

Welcome to the Playback Trust

The Playback Trust established in 1998 is an Edinburgh based charity that works with and for children and young people with a range of disabilities and additional support needs. We provide leisure and recreational opportunities for them to have fun, make friendships and actively participate in their community.

Children Being Children First! 

Our children and young people want to raise peoples’ awareness and celebrate difference by promoting a positive perception of disability and diversity.

There are many things that make us JUST THE SAME!


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